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How To Monetise Your GameMaker Game
Posted by Mark Alexander on 28 August 2015

We all know that GameMaker: Studio permits just about anyone to make games and then port them to ... More »

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Spellbinding Solitaire - Now Available!
Posted by Shaun Spalding on 27 August 2015

A brand new, magical imagining of your favourite card game now available on iOS and Android! T... More »

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The Real World Of The Indie Dev Business
Posted by Mark Alexander on 21 August 2015

While I admit that making games for a living with GameMaker: Studio is a fun and interesting way ... More »

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Game Dev Diary (Pt.15) - Sound? What sound?
Posted by Mark Alexander on 14 August 2015

In a previous Dev Diary, I briefly touched on the tools I use when making games and as a part of ... More »

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New Extension System For 3rd Party API Support
Posted by Mark Alexander on 7 August 2015

In the coming Early Access update support for the following 3rd party API's will be getting remov... More »

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