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Mac IDE Beta - Is Here!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 29 June 2017

Today marks the start of the beta for the GameMaker Studio 2 macOS IDE! Usage of the trial versi... More »

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GameMaker Studio 2.0.7 and Console Exports - Out Now!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 22 June 2017

Today we are releasing GameMaker Studio 2.0.7, the latest feature and bug-fix release for GameMak... More »

Buttery Smooth Tech Tips: Movement
Posted by Gavin Smart on 9 June 2017

Hey, Game Makers! Seth Coster from Butterscotch Shenanigans here. When I first started writing t... More »

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GameMaker Studio 1.4 Sunset
Posted by Gavin Smart on 8 June 2017

Recently we celebrated the five-year anniversary of GameMaker Studio’s launch. The engine has com... More »

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