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GameMaker Studio - 5 Years On
Posted by Gavin Smart on 22 May 2017

Today marks 5 years since we launched GameMaker Studio! GameMaker Studio has come a long way sin... More »

Lighting blog2
Realtime 2D Lighting in GameMaker Studio 2 - Part 2
Posted by Mike Dailly on 12 May 2017

In the last post, I showed you how to create the fundamentals of a 2D lighting system, so in this... More »

Gm48 22
The Winners of the 22nd GM48
Posted by Gavin Smart on 11 May 2017

This guest article was written by Jupiter Hadley, an enthusiastic and active member of the indie ... More »

GameMaker Studio 2.0.6 - Out Now!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 9 May 2017

After the highly positive reception from the launch of GameMaker Studio 2, we have listened to yo... More »

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