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Upgrade Discount
Posted by Gavin Smart on 28 April 2017

Our Mac IDE Closed Beta continues to go well and we thank all those currently involved for their ... More »

Lighting blog
Realtime 2D Lighting in GameMaker Studio 2 - Part 1
Posted by Mike Dailly on 27 April 2017

One of the more advanced things developers want to do is create their own 2D lighting engine, but... More »

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GameMaker Spotlight - HackyZack
Posted by Gavin Smart on 21 April 2017

Some developers go above and beyond when it comes to creating games. They dedicate every waking h... More »

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GameMaker Studio 2 IDE Hints and Tips, part 2
Posted by Mike Dailly on 3 April 2017

So, since the last newsletter quite a few folk have asked for more hints and tips, and so I figur... More »

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