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GM48 Winners and Upcoming GameMaker Jams


Posted by Ross Manthorp on 10 May 2018

Check out these amazing GameMaker games from the results of the 26th GM48 and also get involved in the upcoming community GMC Jam #8!


The GM48 is a quarterly 48 hour GameMaker game jam from the community of /r/GameMaker. For more than 5 years, the community has been running the GM48 for game developers of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a programmer or an artist, young or old, in a team or going solo, you will feel welcome.

The theme for the 26th GM48 was Helpful But Harmful, and there were 56 submitted games. 1077 ratings were sent in, 472 pieces of feedback were written by users with 252 replies from developers. The most popular genre was Platformer. For a total breakdown of the results, please visit the website.


1. Bombini: Your goal is to get the bomb to the door in each room without letting it touch a wall! Jump, maneuver and explode your way through 14 levels!


2. The night of the prophecy: An action platformer about an archer who must defeat hordes of demons aided by his faithful bow and a powerful sword that consumes the life of those who use it. Defeat the golems guarding the gates and retrieve the sacred relic.

The night of the prophecy

3. Skaart And The Cursed Woods: Skaart comes to the rescue with the Slot Gun, a gun capable of inflicting devastating blows... if you manage to get the lucky hit. His weapon is useful, but sometimes hurts more than it helps.

Skaart And The Cursed Woods

Best in Category

GMC Jam #8

The GMC Jam is a quarterly event held on the GameMaker Community that is organized to encourage people to experiment with GameMaker and make a game that will be interesting or entertaining within the limited timescale of 72 hours. It is entirely community run but we are looking to sponsor this event as we did with GM48, and will supply prizes and temporary jam licences for GameMaker Studio 2 (details to be revealed at a later date). The GMC Jam #8 will take place on May 25. More details including how to take part, and other discussions, can be found on the community topic:

Good luck to everyone taking part and keep us posted with all the great things you are creating using GameMaker!

-YoYo Games

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